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Why Time To Travel, Inc?

Why is Time To Travel, Inc. your choice for Travel Planning? Here are a few reasons why...


Time To Travel is committed to providing you, our clients, with the best options for your vacation dreams. Our travel advisors understand the importance of maximizing your experiences and making every minute count. We will share discounts, promotions, the best times to book, the best days to travel, and all the ways to bring the most value to your adventure.


Time To Travel is FREE. Our services are free of charge which means no extra charges or booking fees are added. How Does This Work? That is a question we get often. When you book online, or on your own, the commission is already built into the price you are being quoted. This means you are paying for something you are not receiving and missing out on services that you deserve. It also means you may be missing out on key details about where you are staying, where you are going, and how you will get there.


We've been there! We provide knowledge, experience, and expertise about the locations and destinations you love. With over 50 Travel Advisors, working together, we provide the tips and tricks you need while on vacation. We provide invaluable information that you won't get with a simple click on a travel website.


We are here for you! From beginning to end we will be available to answer questions, navigate obstacles, and deal with unexpected events. Even more, we believe in relationships, and we want to come along with you as you travel to make sure you and your family are taken care of from the time you leave home until you return. What is special and unique about Time To Travel, inc. is that you will not just have one travel advisor, you will have a team of advisors working together for you, our client!


We will save you time! Time is so valuable and we understand how busy life can be. According to Travel Market Report, a person who is online looking and attempting to book vacations, completes an average of 49 searches, and spends 4 hours scrolling through information. Save your eyes and stress level and let us help you with hassle-free travel planning.

Time To Travel is ready to help you with your summer plans and get you where you want to be. We can find your paradise, help you conquer Disney World & Universal, and get you ready to set sail on any boat you step onto. Contact us and let's start planning your next dream vacation!

Don't Book Without Us!!
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